The highest paying jobs always require a sharp mind, great professional features, felicitous working experience, and a permanent desire to learn something new. If you want to become a great worker and get a high salary, you need to make some efforts and constantly develop yourself. Don’t find a dream job yet? Don’t worry since you can easily find job online – here is a wide range of jobs from different areas that will suit every need. Keep reading to find out what are the highest paying jobs in the USA.


Topping the list of highest paying jobs in America, with a salary of around $260,000 a profession of anesthesiologist remains the most profitable sphere of employment among others. An anesthesiologist is responsible for the administration of anesthetics or\and analgesics before, during, or after surgery. His work` schedule is often quite unpredictable, since an anesthesiologist needs to follow all the planned surgeries.


The surgeons go side-by-side with the anesthesiologists – they can earn approximately $250,000 per year. Surgeons treat broken bones, traumas, and diseases related to the musculoskeletal system. Additionally, these specialists usually perform surgeries of different complexity, and their workload often consists of night shifts and working overtime.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Another specialist from the healthcare area is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with an annual salary starting from $237,000. This doctor is responsible for healing various defects and injuries related to the jaw and mouth. Such surgeons can even perform a quite complicated surgery of dental implant.


Continuing the list of the highest paying American jobs, obstetricians-gynecologist have around $233,000 per year. These specialists are responsible for reproductive system health as well as childbirth. Gynecologists and obstetricians are widely appreciated since they can come out from the most stressful situation, especially regarding childbirth.


With an annual salary of $230,000, a profession called orthodontist completes the list of top-5 the highest paying American jobs. This doctor is responsible mainly for corrective measures for the patient’s teeth, including applying braces and X-rays. Even though the specifics of the orthodontist’s work are quite similar to the dentist’s, they gain an order of magnitude larger compared to a dentist.

Highest paying engineering jobs in America

When it comes to the highest paying tech jobs in the USA, you need to know that this sphere of employment is also well-paid, and always in demand not only across America but all over the world. The engineering professions in most cases require analytical thinking and special skills – that is why the humanities are not likely to become engineers.

  1.     Big data engineer – $155,000
  2.     Petroleum engineer – $132,000
  3.     Computer hardware engineer – $115,000
  4.     Aerospace engineer – $113,000
  5.     Nuclear engineer – $105,000

Final thoughts

While the highest paying jobs in the world go for a chief executive officer and senior software engineer, the highest paying jobs in America are related mostly to the healthcare sphere. Look through our blog page to get more useful information while looking for the best position for you.

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